Community Garden Update 10/20/2014

Hi again Community Garden members,

Here are some notes as we wrap up the summer season:

  1. Be sure to check the blackboards for the late season produce that is available. As for u-picks, there is Swiss chard, a few more carrots, peppers, and there was actually a few cherry tomatoes hanging on this last week. At least one of the kale varieties is now big enough to pick too. Some of you newer people have been unclear about the bin items. Yes you can pick out of any and all of the bins containing the many types of winter squash in the storage shed, and sometimes they may be outside. The potatoes and onions are in the cooler and breezeway. Also CG members can get some of all the pumpkins in the field, along with the other fall items on display.
  1. The work there is to do is quite limited now. The main project to finish is taking down the cherry tomatoes from their trellises. Any hoeing has ended with the steady rain we are having. Nancy may have some work with the flowers. There might be some winter squash work, but that is iffy.
  2. As for the seasons, the summer season is over at the end of the month. So you can stock up before then. Many of you signed up for both summer and winter so you can get produce all winter if you have your winter hours done. If you only got summer hours completed then your season is over on the 1st also.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now, can we brag a little? You have probably seen our pictures of the billboards that Fred Meyer has up around Portland promoting Nancy & I with our giant pumpkins. I will attach one in case you have not seen it. They have had different ones of their Northwest growers up all summer, so we and their winter squash grower are just the latest ones to be featured. Now they have videos online of the interviews with all their growers. Here is the link to our interview, and the others, for your enjoyment: This has been a wonderful surprise this fall to have all this notoriety.

Thank you all for a wonderful summer of working together and enjoying God’s bounty that you have helped us grow. We look forward to seeing a number of you all winter and maybe the rest of you next spring.


Farmer Brown and His Mrs.