Community Garden Update 3/4/17

Hello Community Garden folks,

Nancy and I thought we ought to give you a late winter update on your produce availability right now. We picked the last red Russian kale that was big enough last Monday. It is gone now, along with the green kale that was on hand. The green kale is still big enough but rough on the edges so many have not been taking it. There is some in the field if you want to stop and pick some on your way back to Newberg. The collards are looking very nice, but they are only about 1/2 to 2/3 full size, but you can upick some of them too. Just ask us for directions.

There are still 3 kinds of winter squash for another week or 2. On potatoes there are a small amount of small reds, which are the gourmet size, the last of Yukons are on the CG shelf, and then the bumpy russets in their bin, which look like tinker toys but eat just fine. Also there are 4 kinds of cabbage.

We have been waiting for several weeks on the kalettes and purple sprouting broccoli, both of which started in February last year. Of course the below normal temps this year are delaying their development. I am hoping to pick some purple sprouting broccoli by late next week, but that may be optimistic. Kalettes may be a little later.

The bottom line is there is cabbage, oca, potatoes, and winter squash in stock, with upicks on kale and collards. Purple sprouting broccoli and kalettes should be on hand within a couple of weeks, with cauliflower and more kale in April. We will pick some more green kale on Monday afternoon the 13th, the next day our crew will be packing wholesale orders.