Time to sign up for Summer Community Garden

This last year was rewarding for us as we saw all of you members getting your produce. That has been true all this winter as many winter members have been enjoying the greens and storage items. We are getting your info out a little earlier than normal because there are a few projects to work on already. So it is time to sign up for the 2015-16 seasons.

We would discourage you from signing up again if you struggled to get your time in last year. If the number of members grows more this year we will reserve the right to put a limit on how many we can handle.

The community should function about the same as it has in the past. We continue to monitor our food safety standards to make sure we keep our GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification. That will mean a list of standards for you to understand and sign off on like we did last year.

In relation to food safety, here is a reminder about kids in the fields. There is some flexibility on what works for each family, so talk to us about your situation.

“Because of new food safety standards we have had to rethink having kids in the fields. There has always been the issue of younger kids not being around small plants and causing damage. Now the issue of keeping plants from contamination reinforces that. There is not a clearly defined rule, but generally kids too young to work are to be occupied and stay at the end of the field where parents are working if possible, or sometimes stay in the car parked near the field. Otherwise they will need to stay home.

This is a tough situation when kids are young, but sometimes one parent will come and work, or sometimes families will take care of another’s kids while the other family works and then swaps back, or grandparents take the kids, etc.”

If you have young kids, be sure you can work with these standards before you sign up.

We look forward to another year of “playing in the dirt” together as you help us grow wonderful organic produce for yourselves and many others.

Sincerely, Farmer Brown & His Mrs.