CSA Update 7/14/2015

Good evening CSA family,

We have several new crops that became available today for a more diverse mix for you this week. We have had a break on broccoli but a new planting developed enough today to find enough for each family. Also we were able to find a few green beans too.

The first pickling cucumbers were ready last week, but now we have some slicing cucumbers for your salads, etc. The old Marketmore variety always produces beautiful straight cucs. Lettuce is a little sparse this week but I think we can find some red leaf in the morning that may not be huge but decent in size.

As we said last week we have a number of types of summer squash. This week we will give you regular green zucchini along with a couple of round squash. They are a novelty with names based upon the game of pool. There are 3 colors named eight ball, cue ball, and one ball. You can pick out the colors you want from the mix.

Then to top off this good assortment is the best tasting tomato on the market, the Sungold cherry tomato. We picked the first today and thought our CSA folks ought to get the first of the crop. They are limited but we felt you ought to have some this week.

Have a great week,

Farmer Brown & His Mrs.