CSA Update – 7/27/2015

Good evening folks,

This has been a busy day getting crops picked and weeded. We still need to finish picking and packing some of them in the morning. We have had to wait till late in the day to finalize your mix of veggies. It has been a challenge so far this year to give you somewhat of a variety of produce each week and mix up some of the favorites.

We thought we had it figured out until Nancy just tasted the red leaf we picked and found it to be somewhat bitter…too many hot days, and it bolted! We had hoped to salvage some lettuce from this planting but it appears that none of it is good. The next plantings look great so we will have to wait another week when there might be some nice green butter ready.

What we do have is one of our specialty beans, Dragon Tongue. This is a flat cream colored bean with purple stripes across the flat sides. It may appear tough, but it is not, and it cooks up well and is tender to eat. Broccoli has been sparse this last week, but enough has matured so that we could pick some today, so you will have more of this healthy vegetable.

Supersweet yellow corn will still be in your mix of produce again. We are into our 2nd early variety of sweet corn, which has the same great supersweet flavor as the first one you had last week. The summer squash we have this week is mixed patty pan. Some may know this squash as scallop squash. We have 2 kinds in the mix, a 3rd kind (a light green one) did not do well. The ones we have are dark green and a yellow and green striped patty pan, which make an attractive mix. We are growing this mix as a new item for the Fred Meyer stores and it seems to be selling okay there.

We will change colors this week on tomatoes and have red cherry tomatoes for everyone, now that we are finding more of them.

Farmer Brown and HIs Mrs.