CSA Update July 6, 2015

Hello CSA family,

A good hot evening to everyone from your farmers here in St. Paul. We are surviving another tough day growing your veggies. Our crew has done a good job keeping the crops going through this highly unusual hot spell, leaving early whenever they could. Isn’t it amazing to be looking forward to it cooling off to the 80’s this next weekend, which will still be above the average high for this time of the year!

As we have been thinking about having your first veggies for the season we have wondered what will be still available in this heat. We had hoped to have some berries left but most have all dried up. We are between plantings on broccoli and the cucumbers are 7 to 10 days off. But we do have a few things to start the season.

The first green cabbage was ready to pick last Thursday. We have a small head for everyone from the early variety. Cauliflower is the earliest we have ever had so there is a head of that for each family. The last 2 weeks has been hard on Lettuce since it is a cool weather crop. One of the best kinds that is holding up right now is green leaf, so your will have that for your first farm fresh salads of the summer.

We are growing 7 kinds of summer squash this year. We will be able to give you more than just green zucchini each week to brighten up your plates. We thought it would be fun to start with the beautiful gold zucchini. It’s shiny golden yellow color reflects the bright sunshine we have been seeing every day. Oh, and it tastes good too!

TheseĀ  items will be ready for you at Bubba and Sarah King’s house in Newberg tomorrow. Check last week’s email if you need to check out any details of location or who to call with questions.


Farmer Brown and His Mrs.